Zak ZenasniPresident //
I’m Zak Zenasni, I am currently in my final year, and I’m completing my Honours in Urban Planning. As President of the UPA, I’m working to expand our network with other academic, social, and non-profit institutions. Also, I will be working with an exceptional team to ensure we provide all our members with entertaining events, possible job opportunities and even free tutorials. The 2016/2017 team is super friendly and sociable so stop by our office for a chat or drop by one of our upcoming events.
Vivian PatelVP Academic //
My name is Vivian Patel and I am currently in my third year of the Urban Planning Honors program. As VP Academic I serve as a resource for students regarding department questions, plan academic events, and function as the link between the (Urban Studies and Planning) student body and the department faculty.
Jasmine AliVP Finance //
I’m Jasmine Ali, and I’m going into my third and final year in Specialization of Urban Planning, with an elective group in Marketing. As the Vice President of Finance, my job is to provide coordination and manage our financial plan for all the events and resources offered to our students.
Kelsey KeenanVP Social Affairs & Events Coordinator //
I’m Kelsey Keenan the VP Social and Event Coordinator. As a fourth year student in the Urban Planning Specialization I understand the challenges and opportunities of an Urban Planning/Urban Studies student. I will work with the UPA board of executives to deliver relevant and fun events for the Urban Planning/Urban Studies programs and assure students are well informed and encouraged to participate in these events.
Adriana Valentina FaríasVP Administration //
My name is Adriana Valentina Farías and I am starting my third year in the Urban Planning Specialization. My responsibility as the VP of Administration is to keep track of the association’s records and agenda. I will also make sure that everyone is kept up to date with the events the association plans.
Morgan CrockettVP Internal Affairs //
I’m Morgan Crockett. I am currently 3rd year Urban Studies student. As your VP Internal, I will represent Urban Planning students at ASFA and in the GPE Federation. Send me an email or come by our office anytime to talk about any ideas or issues with ASFA!