Alexander Karczewski President //
I’m Alexander Karczewski. Last semester, I began a Specialization in Urban Planning. As president of the UPA, I’m working to expand our network with universities around Montréal and further our connections with academic and professional institutions in Urban Planning. My main focus is to meet all the needs of Urban Planning/Studies students at Concordia, so stop by our office and let’s share our thoughts. Also feel free to drop by our social and academic events made just for you! Cheers.
Daniel BelbasVP Academic //
Hi friends, I’m working towards my urban planning specialization here at Concordia, and as your friendly academic representative, I’m here to give you and your fellow urban studies and planning students a voice with the department. I represent our concerns at the monthly departmental meetings, so I’m the guy to see if you have an issue with the program or want to see things change in the department. I’ll be around the UPA office Wednesday mornings, and Thursdays between 11:30 and 2, so drop by then and we can have a chat (bring a mug and I’ll even make you a cup of coffee). If that doesn’t work for you, leave a note in the suggestions box, or catch my ear when you see me in the hallway. See you around, and good luck in class: I’m rooting for you.
William SchneiderVP Finance //
I’m a third year urban planning student in specialization. I have a keen interest in how users experience space, transportation and ecological urbanization. I want to use what I’ve learned at Concordia in order to transform the world into a more liveable one!
Michelle GoodwinVP Social Affairs & Events Coordinator
My name is Michelle Goodwin and I am the VP Social and Event Coordinator. I’m in my fourth year of the Urban Planning Specialization. As your event coordinator, I will work with the UPA board of executives to deliver relevant and fun events for the Urban Planning/Urban Studies programs and assure students are well informed and encouraged to participate in these events. Please come by our office or send me an email if you have any questions!
Ashley Marie ArbisVP Administration //
I’m Ashley Marie Arbis. I am a fourth year Honors Urban Planning student. I am in charge of communicating with external individuals and groups on social media and in person. I am the person you communicate with on Facebook and e-mail. During executive meetings, I take meeting notes. My office hours are from 12-1 PM on Thursday but I am often in the office, so if you want to come by and ask me any UPA related question, please feel free to do so!
Amman HouaraVP Internal Affairs //
My name is Amman Houara. I am a second year urban studies student. As a VP internal, I’m responsible to represent my association during ASFA’s meetings and be the connector between ASFA and our association. My office hours are from 10-12PM and 3-4PM on Thursday. Please drop by our office anytime you want.